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I had to call 911 on my mom today.

She was so hysterical in a manic state that she couldn’t breathe and was yelling for help. I couldn’t even make out one word she was trying to yell. I just happened to call her to see how her hair appointment went and she just happened to be having an anxiety attack. She was fine and refused medical help from paramedics so clearly it was nothing serious but i am at a loss for emotion.

At what point is this her disease taking over not just her life but mine too? I am not capable of handling her stress on top of my own but i have been taught that is selfish of me and i need to be there for her… But at what cost to my mental health and emotions? At what point do i involve medical authorities? She is not eating much or sleeping but her doctors don’t seem to think this is an issue.

This plus getting married in 2 weeks does not make for a happy bride to be. Am i selfish for not wanting to appease her? I know it’s her bipolar disorder but i can’t be her only form of support right?



Get like me.

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Does anyone else feel a draft?

Atlanta Crackers players (left to right) Country Brown (real name: Ralph Brown), Hank Eastman, Ebba St. Claire, and Eddie Mathews posed for this picture at Ponce de Leon Park in Atlanta, Georgia in 1950. They were told by the press that they would be posing for headshots so they didn’t wear pants.

Side Note: It looks like Taylor Lautner is a time traveler (see player at right).

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Love it. Baseball and no pants = 2 of my favorite things.

2013 in review.

2013 was pretty great. Paul and I wrote memories and put them in a jar. Here are our favorite things this year:

  • Jan 1- Watched the Dawgs win the Capital One Bowl against Nebraska. WOOF WOOF!
  • Jan 11- Date night at Mirko Pasta
  • Jan 19- Went to Firebirds to watch the first hockey games of the season after the lockout. Go Bruins!
  • Jan 26- Went to the Johns’ house to celebrate John Stage’s birthday
  • Feb 2- Went to Sweetwater Brewery with Alison and Lindsay Crosby, Anne Elliott, and Joe Zdon
  • Feb 14- Went to Zaxby’s for Valentines Day on the way to Orlando, FL
  • Feb 15- Went to Universal’s Islands of Adventures for HARRY POTTER (and other fun things) with Dad, Kathy, and the Cambiers
  • Feb 16- SAW BABY MANATEES at Blue Springs State Park in Orange City, FL
  • Feb 22- Lord of the Rings marathon at the Venezia’s
  • March 9- Kathy Nagel’s birthday dinner at Taverna Plaka. Belly dancers galore!
  • March 12- Hematologist told me I was stable and could go from monthly appointments to every 3 months
  • March 29-31- Cobbtown Easter and Rehm family time. Also watched Duke basketball with Kyle and Lacey. They won!
  • April 1- Saw an advanced screening of Iron Man 3 at Atlantic Station. Thanks for the passes, Georgia Aquarium.
  • April 7- Opening weekend of the Atlanta Braves. They beat the Cubs!
  • April 20- Stock the Bar party in Cobbtown for Kyle and Lacey. Also, went to Another Bloomin Festival.
  • April 27- Ormsby’s with Anne and Joe. Darts and bocce ball all night.
  • May 5- Kelly Venezia’s birthday and Cinco de Mayo margaritas!
  • May 11- Sushi and drinks with the Johns
  • May 16- Alive After 5 with Hanjin friends, as well as Paul’s birthday week kickoff
  • May 19- Braves game with Kathleen and the Mansfield family. Hey, the Braves actually won.
  • May 23- Happy birthday Paul! Dinner at Salt Factory in downtown Roswell
  • May 25- Fly to Cleveland for Sam’s delivery
  • May 28- McKenna was born! Such a beautiful day.
  • June 8- Kyle and Lacey’s wedding! So much fun!
  • June 12- Watched the Bruins vs Blackhawks Stanley Cup game with Mom and Aunt Sue
  • June 15- Brielle and I leave for Anna Maria Island. Rena Stallworth and Rachel Yesner joined us. A whole week of beach!
  • June 22- Paul, Kathleen, and I go to a Gwinnett Braves game. 
  • June 28- Gamma Sig Alum night at Front Page News
  • June 29- Paul leaves for his road trip to Waymart, PA
  • July 1- Monday Night Brewery with Jennifer Griffin and Anne
  • July 3- Paul goes to Boston, and sees a walk off home run Red Sox win with Nichole Davis
  • July 4- Braves game and fireworks with mom. She chugges jack Daniels Honey from the bottle.
  • July 6- Paul safely returns back to Atlanta :) 
  • July 13- Cabin day at Big Canoe with host Roy Norman, Kyle, and Lacey. Hike up Amicalola Falls.
  • July 19- David comes to Atlanta. hilarity ensues at the Rehm mansion.
  • July 27- Lunch at Lucky’s Burgers with Alison, Anne and Joe, Sarah, Matt, and pup Kaiser
  • Aug 4- Hiking up Kennesaw Mountain with Sarah, Kaiser, Anne, Joe, and Paul!
  • Aug 6- Monday Night Brewery with Kathleen
  • Aug 10- Gwinnett Braves game with Paul and Kathleen for bobblehead night. Paul got a few tattoos.
  • Aug 16-Game night at Jonny Mulyadi’s
  • Aug 17- Dinner and drinks with the Johns
  • Aug 22- Dinner with Aunt Sue
  • Aug 23-25- Beach weekend in Hilton Head with the Rehms. Skull Creek Boathouse and happy hour were so fun!
  • Aug 31- Left for vacation with Paul. Drove to Jupiter, FL to stay with the Cambiers.
  • Sept 1- Dad and Kathy join us at the Cambiers; SHARKNADO.
  • Sept 2- Beach day at Jupiter Beach
  • Sept 3- Paul and I drove to Fort Myers with Dad and Kathy
  • Sept 4-6- Beach days on Ft Myers beach, including cookouts of lobster and steak, copious Coronas, beach walks, and pizza. Visited the Red Sox’s Spring Training facilities.
  • Sept 7- Drove back to Jupiter and the Cambiers; watched the USC vs UGA game (too bad we lost)
  • Sept 12- Ran the Kaiser Permanente 5k with Paul and his coworkers, finished in 34 minutes
  • Sept 13- Date night seeing “This Is The End.” Hilarious.
  • Sept 14- Camping day at Stone Mountian- saw the laser show!
  • Sept 19- Saw an advanced screening of RUSH at Studio Movie Grill
  • Sept 21- UGA football game in Athens with Paul! It rained the whole time, but the Dawgs won easily.
  • Sept 27- TomorrowWorld with Paul and James Walker!! TIESTO!
  • Sept 28- To Athens Paul and I go! Saw UGA beat the LSU Tigers in the best game of ever
  • Sept 29- Back to Atlanta for the Patriots vs Falcons game (and my anniversary present to Paul). Falcons lost this one and Paul was happy.
  • Oct 5- Paul’s aunt Judy and uncle Ed come to town, we take them on a food tour of Atlanta (Stats for the UGA vs Tennessee game, Vortex for burgers, Varsity for chili dogs)
  • Oct 11-12- To Athens for UGA vs Missouri with mom. MET UGA IX and took mom to Cali n Titos then the pep rally at Sanford. 
  • Oct 17- Watched the Red Sox vs Tigers ALCS game with Libby Crews at North River Tavern. Sox win!
  • Oct 18- Movie night at the Johns!
  • Oct 19 Watched the Red Sox vs Tigers ALCS game with Libby at Taco Mac. Red Sox win and go to World Series with a Victorino grand slam!
  • Oct 26- Watched the Red Sox vs Cardinals at Mazzy’s. Sox lose :(
  • Oct 29- Decided to drive to Boston after the Red Sox go up 3-2 in World Series. Drive to Frederick, MD to stay with the Stauffers.
  • Oct 30- Drive from MD to Boston. Get to town just as Game 6 starts. Met up with Nichole Davis at Kingpin’s. WATCH THE RED SOX WIN THE WORLD SERIES AND WE RUN THROUGH THE STREETS! Oh, and Paul and my 3rd anniversary.
  • Oct 31- Spend the day at the hotel (Nantasket Hotel, on the beach) then go to Sea Dog Brew Pub for dinner and drinks. 
  • Nov 1- Spend the day in Boston and buy ALL THE WORLD SERIES SWAG. Go to the Samuel Adams brewery tour. Go to anniversary dinner at Giacomo’s after drinks next door. Met up with Nichole after in the historic Boston Commons. PAUL PROPOSED AND YAY WE’RE ENGAGED! Off to 21st Amendment bar for celebratory Oktoberfests.
  • Nov 2- Rolling Rally duck boat parade celebrating the Red Sox’s victory. Drive to Waymart, PA to visit Uncle Ed and Aunt Judy, while calling everyone we know to tell them the good news. Have dinner and announce engagement to them, then go back to their house for celebrations.
  • Nov 3- Drive back to Atlanta. Longest drive ever.
  • Nov 4- Special girl’s night to celebrate engagement
  • Nov 9- To Macon for Rob and Molly’s wedding!
  • Nov 10- Day at Venezia’s watching football
  • Nov 15-16- Meet up with Caroline Lozen. Kathleen comes to Atlanta.
  • Nov 22- Anne and I go to Athens to stay with Sarah and Matt. Girl’s night downtown ensues. 
  • Nov 23- Tailgating and ticket upgrade with Kathleen. See the Bulldogs beat Kentucky in club seats. 
  • Nov 27- Hanukkah dinner at Aunt Sue’s
  • Nov 28- Meet up with Paul’s parents in Macon for Thanksgiving (with my mom as well).
  • Nov 30- UGA beats Georgia Tech, of course.
  • Dec 1- Go to Sky Zone trampoline park for my birthday! So fun. Later go to North River Tavern for drinks and trivia.
  • Dec 4- My birthday! Mom takes us to sushi at Asahi. MMM.
  • Dec 6- Paul’s company Christmas party
  • Dec 7- Christmas Extravaganza in Cobbtown- parade and party!
  • Dec 13- Christmas fun with the Johns
  • Dec 14- Movie date night to see The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug.
  • Dec 21- Saw Anchorman 2 for Mom’s Christmas present.
  • Dec 23-25- To Cobbtown for Christmas with the Rehms… Then back to Atlanta for Christmas with my mom.
  • Dec 28- Gaby and Jarrod in town from England! Later, we go to the Venezia/Ross get together to meet baby Elise.

What a fantastic year. Thank you to everyone for helping to make it so great. Here’s to an even better 2014!

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